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Parents FAQ


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There is free parking on game days in the Skyway Complex.
There is also an overflow parking lot located  past the tennis courts on the southwest side of the complex  It is a little walk from the overflow lot,   but just think   you can have that tray of fries   and not feel so guilty!!!    Why did I get towed?  BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE TO THE OVERFLOW LOT   RESTRICTING OTHERS FROM ENTERING     PARKING ALONG RED CURBS AND POSTED NO PARKING SIGNS  WHICH CAN BLOCK EMERGENCY VEHICLES

Drink & Food Containers

There are NO Outside food or drink containers allowed inside the park.

Concussion Requirements - Click HERE for Forms and link to online class.

All parents must take online course.
Parent/Guardians & Participant must sign concussion consent form


TBYFL strives to provide a well maintained and safe facility for all parents and children to enjoy year round.

We no longer require parents to volunteer their time to clean the grounds, bathrooms or concession after games. Therefore we must pay workers for our cleaning and maintenence needs.

Hillsborugh County budgets cuts eliminated the manpower and funds for field maintenence, lawn care, field sodding , therefore we must hire companies to take care of these field needs.

TBYFL complex is monitored by 24 hour security cameras inside and outside for your protection and detering vandalism of the grounds and vehicles.

TBYFL covers the cost of all referee, paramedic and security expenses incurred at all game day locations.

This is just a short list of expenses that are paid by TBYFL and costs contiue to rise, as they do for you as a family.

TBYFL did not want to increase the $45 per child fee that is required from your organization.

We have not raised this fee in over nine years but needed to generate additional revenue to continue providing you and yourr children with a safe environment and high quality program.

So to avoid forcing an increase on you and your organization, the Board of Directors voted to ask for a $3.00 entry donation from the general public to generate additional revenue.

Your children (not playing for TBYFL) under league age (14) are admitted without charge. All football players and cheerleaders are free of charge.

Any certified volunteer with TBYFL (wearing their valid TBYFL /Hillsborughe County) ID badge are also admitted free of charge.


TBYFL receives only $45 per child of the fees you pay to your organization.

Registration administration for all football players and volunteers, insurance,
field upkeep, sports complex maintenance
game day expenses (referees, paramedics, security,etc)
are paid for by TBYFL.


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