Flag Rules 2021

The Equipment

  • Each player shall be dressed in a team uniform consisting of shirt (tucked in) and shorts, numbers are to be put on the back of the shirts.
  • The player shall wear socks and football cleats (rubber cleats only) or tennis shoes.
  • Mouth pieces are mandatory.
  • Protective Flag helmets are mandatory.
  • Only Velcro Nylon 12inch FLAGS Are Allowed. One flag on each hip (not front and back)
  • Team Flags must be contrasting color from the uniform.
  • The football used is a K2.
  • Water bottles and Coolers must be provided by the staff

The Field

  • Each team will consist of 11 players on the field may play with (9) but if a team falls below (9) players during the game, that game is forfeited. NO GENTLEMENS AGREEMENTS ARE ALLOWED.
  • The field: twenty-yard line to the twenty-yard line
  • Side boundaries shall be the regulation football field sidelines
  • The goal line shall be designated by orange cones on each end.

Playing Rules:

  • A coin is to be tossed and the winner may choose to receive, choose ends to defend, or defer choice to the second half.
  • To start the game and after toss, the ball shall be placed on the (35) yard line of the offensive team. There shall be no kick offs.
  • The game shall consist of four (10) minute quarters running clock and a standard clock for the last two (2) minutes for the 2nd and 4th quarter.
  • Each team has (1) time outs per half. (No carry over). When time out is called, clock stops.
  • Scoring will be six (6) points for a touchdown, two (2) points for a safety. Extra points will be scored as one (1) point for running, two (2) points for passing. The ball is to be spotted on the twenty-three (23) yard line.
  • Every 10 yard line is a 1st down
  • Each turnover ball always start at the 35 yard line
  • Each team will have a 45 second play clock
  • When in the 5 yard line, teams are to line up 1 yard apart.
  • Two coaches from each team shall always be allowed on the playing field.
  • They will be a minimum of five (5) yards behind the closest player and cannot move inside a five (5) yard box
  • The ball is down when the ball carrier’s flag has been pulled, falls off, or he/she has one knee on the ground.
  • A fumble is a dead ball at the spot is the fumble and a loss of down except when a fumble occurs during a snap from the center to the quarterback under center it may be picked up and play may continue.
  • Blocking hands extended with open palms is permitted. At no time shall any child grab or punch another player. NO WRESTLING MOVES.
  • Flag Guarding – A runner shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball to cause contact between the runner and an opponent that denies the opponent the opportunity to pull or remove the flag belt. A player may use a spin move, however; must keep their arms away from their flag to avoid flag guarding
  • No Punting
  • After the second offense of un-sportsman like conduct or tackling ball carriers the player will be ejected for the remainder of the game.
  • Due to Covid-19 there will be no sharing of footballs.


  • In the event of a tie game at the end of regulation, there will be overtime play to determine a winner.
  • Each team will get four (4) consecutive plays from the short five (5) yard line.
  • Each offensive score counts as one point.
  • Each defensive recovery resulting in a turnover count as a half a point.
  • If after two (2) overtime periods there is no winner, the teams will then go to a one play rotation each until a winner prevails.
  • Each over time period will have a coin toss to determine first choice of offense or defense.
  • Only one-coin toss will be done if the overtime goes to the one play rotation.


Flag Guarding Sticking, kicking, kneeing, elbowing, etc.
Delay of game Un-sportsman like conduct*
 Illegal flags
Holding defensively or offensively
Illegal blocking down field (No Pushing or Blocking in the Back)
Offensive pass interference