– 40 yds x 26 yds

– Markers are placed at the goals and mid field. Markers are placed at both 5 and 15 yard lines.

– Mouth pieces are mandatory and a soft cup is recommended.

– Flags are to be a 2 flag belt with velcro attachment (approx. 12″).

– The football used is a K2.

– There is a (10 min) break at halftime to allow the cheerleaders to perform.

– Each team will consist of 8 players.


– Play will start on the 5 yard line on the far end of the field.

– The team is allowed 4 attempts to cross midfield mark and get a first down, then you are allowed 4 more attempts to get into the end zone.

– Should the attempts not be successful the other team takes the ball starting at the far 5 yard line. The league will supply 2 referees per game.

**All defensive players must start 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, except when the offense is inside the 5 yard zone of the midfield of end zone, then rushers can start 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

**There is no blocking, arms are to be down at the side or in front of the body.

**A fumble is a dead ball at the spot is the fumble and a loss of down except when a fumble occur during a snap from the center to the quarterback under center it may be picked up and play may continue.

**If a flag falls off on its own, play will continue until defender touches the ball carrier.


– Offense: holding , blocking pushing, tripping and flag guarding: 5 yard from line of scrimmage.

– Defense: tripping, tackling, pushing or holding: 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

– Team flags must be approved by the league prior to the game.

– Flags worn are to be contrasting color from the uniform so they are easily time: each game will consist of 2 (25 min.) halves and a (10 min.) halftime. The clock will be a running clock in each half.